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Monthly Archives: November 2010

3 easy options for unwanted clutter

it was easy for me to sort out what i want and don’t want. but once that step is complete, it’s important to get rid of the don’t want pile before it becomes clutter again.

so what do i do?

1. Sell it on Ebay or Amazon.

I sell everything worth £10 or more: Amazon for textbooks and Ebay for everything else. Ebay seemed overwhelming at first, but this guest post on Zen Habits helped immensely. I am selling my first item and it’s already going for a very good price. It’s surprisingly easy to do.

2. Donate to a local charity.

There are two Oxfams just around the corner from my college, so I donate everything worth less than £10. It’s great to know that it’s going to a good cause.

3. Donate to a friend!

(Only if the friend is in need of said object, of course.) You know it will go to a loving home this way, and it makes both you and your friend happy 🙂


essential thing: my lovely bird purse

my minimalist purse. adorable and compact.

it zips up nicely to keep everything clean and contained, and it fits in my coat pocket.

my purse is just the right size to fit my cards, coins, and cash.

my minimalist journey

finding minimalism

i found this page one day and it fascinated me.

it provoked a thread of thought in the back of my mind, but several months passed before i came across minimalism again.

at first minimalism seemed like an interesting idea, a lifestyle some people have that i can observe from afar. i thought of all the reasons why i could never be a Minimalist.

becoming minimalist

but i realized that there is no such thing as a Minimalist. there is no specific definition.

for me minimalism is about eliminating clutter from my life, giving me space to focus on what i love.

it doesn’t mean that i have to let go things that i treasure. it does give me reason to let go of things that i don’t treasure that i hold onto nevertheless.

being minimalist

it’s also practical. i am living abroad for university, and carrying things around is uncomfortable.

minimalism gives me room to breathe.

and it’s addictive. once i started to pare down my possessions, i realized how freeing it is. it is the opposite of retail therapy but so much more rewarding.

it’s not just about physical things. i’ve pared down my digital subscriptions, scheduled activities, computer files…i’ve even stopped multitasking.

minimalist me

minimalism makes me very excited and i am eager to share my experiences.

i am a student living abroad, and i travel frequently.

i love fashion, and i have learned that i don’t have to choose between fashion and minimalism.

i also love art, drama, and food. spending less on things means more is left over for experiences.