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3 easy options for unwanted clutter

it was easy for me to sort out what i want and don’t want. but once that step is complete, it’s important to get rid of the don’t want pile before it becomes clutter again.

so what do i do?

1. Sell it on Ebay or Amazon.

I sell everything worth £10 or more: Amazon for textbooks and Ebay for everything else. Ebay seemed overwhelming at first, but this guest post on Zen Habits helped immensely. I am selling my first item and it’s already going for a very good price. It’s surprisingly easy to do.

2. Donate to a local charity.

There are two Oxfams just around the corner from my college, so I donate everything worth less than £10. It’s great to know that it’s going to a good cause.

3. Donate to a friend!

(Only if the friend is in need of said object, of course.) You know it will go to a loving home this way, and it makes both you and your friend happy 🙂


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I write about living a fabulously simple life with less stuff and more sparkle ★

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