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christmas countdown: minimizing my wallet

minimal student is doing a christmas countdown with a new minimalist task per day! i’m excited to share my progress here.


Does your wallet contain more than just money? Empty out old receipts and cards you don’t use at least 2x a month and feel the difference.

I removed some receipts, a coupon, and a loyalty card to a coffee shop I rarely visit. I already showed you my wallet, but here is a list of its contents. As you can see from my previous post, my new purse is separated into two compartments:

Compartment 1:

  • Cash/coins
  • UK bank card
  • US band card
  • credit card
  • student ID

Compartment 2:

  • town library card
  • Boots advantage card
  • Waterstones gift card
  • Tesco club card
  • Oxone discount card
  • Blackwell Rewards card
  • The Waterstone’s card
  • The Mission loyalty card
  • Oxford Castle discount card
  • ‘Fair Trade in my Wallet: The tear and share guide to swapping’

This is the UK version of my wallet, but it is obviously different when I’m home in the US, so I’ll post that version later 🙂


About Miss Xandra Bee

I write about living a fabulously simple life with less stuff and more sparkle ★

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  1. Hi there! I’m Camile, from Brazil and I found your blog in Minimal Student’s comments. I’m starting in the minimalism world and I’m reading a lot of blogs about it, and I’ll start following your posts by feed. I made a blog about minimalism too, but it’s in portuguese language. Maybe I can put the google translator gadget, but I don’t know how yet…

    See ya!


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