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where i have been: minimalist marathon

perhaps some people at university look forward to going home to be reunited with their stuff.

when i was at university i looked forward to going home to get rid of a lot of stuff.

and i didn’t realize how much stuff i have! i’ve spent many hours clearing it out of my room into sorted piles in the hallway, missing the oxfam down the road at uni, but also noting just how many trips it would take to said oxfam to deposit the stuff.

nevertheless, progress is being made. i’m focusing on decluttering areas, which improves aesthetic while i minimize. it’s so calming to see clean, empty counters and desktops and walls.

i realize that there are many things with which i cannot bring myself to part. but taking away those things i won’t miss makes those special things more prominent, and makes me happier to see them.

i realize also that there are many things about which i have forgotten and have not needed, yet i find it hard to let go at first. making the decision to get rid of something is emotionally confusing sometimes.


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I write about living a fabulously simple life with less stuff and more sparkle ★

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