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happiness project 2011: january begins

this year i am starting fresh by following gretchen rubin’s happiness challenge 2011. her book the happiness project was my favourite book of 2010.

i’m making monthly resolutions based on the categories she chose for her happiness project. for each category i will assign four personal goals and mark my progress daily in a chart i keep in my journal. i will also spend the month coming up with specific strategies to tackle each goal.

the theme for january is vitality. my four goals:

  • go to sleep by 12:15am
  • exercise daily
  • be organized
  • eat well

i chose to go to sleep by 12:15 am because it is a realistic time that i can meet every night. although i prefer going to sleep earlier, especially with such early sunset times in boston and england winter, i often go to plays at night, causing me to get back to my room as late as eleven o’clock sometimes. i want to allow plenty of time for me to complete my bedtime routine. i’ve read many articles that say going to bed at the same time each day is better for your health, so i want to be as consistent as possible.

exercise daily” is vague because i can’t do the same exercise routine every day. when i am at university i go for a walk every morning for an hour, but when i’m at home this is less feasible. i wrote this goal as flexibly as possible, while still restricting it to a daily exercise, to allow me to find new fun ways to get in some fitness every day.

it isn’t hard for me to be organized because i am already a very organized person. but holding myself accountable for being organized every day reminds me that it is both enjoyable and necessary. gretchen rubin suggested a 10-minute cleanup before bed. i tried it last night and it felt wonderful to put everything in its place; it’s definitely staying in my bedtime routine. this category also applies to minimalism. every day i will make some effort to organize, declutter, and minimize my possessions, digital commitments, and daily schedules.

my resolution to eat well is certainly broad, but i don’t have to lay out specifics to know if i’ve followed it each day. as a “foodie,” the process of being conscious of the quality of food i eat will be an enjoyment in itself. i’m starting with ridding myself of bad habits slowly.

i will continue to update my goals as i better understand them each week. i’m hoping that monthly resolutions grouped by category will be manageable and beneficial (although i am actually good at sticking to resolutions – about five years ago i vowed to write in my journal every day and i have done so ever since). happy new year and good luck to everyone with new resolutions!


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