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quick travel advice: prioritize hydration.

my easy-to-follow plan:

– i always bring my reusable water bottle.

– i fill it up before getting in the car to travel to the airport.

– i have to finish the entire bottle by the time i get to airport security. they don’t allow me to bring water in anyway.

– i refill the bottle at a drinking fountain once i’m through security.

– on the plane i make sure that my water bottle always contains water and is easily accessible.

– sometimes drinking lots of water can make my mouth dry so i ask for juice sometimes.

– the piece of advice i haven’t quite mastered: don’t be afraid to ask for more water or for something to drink even when the cart is not going by! it’s most important to stay hydrated since airplanes air can be so dry; best to be healthy at your destination 🙂


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