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refining my exercise goals

as part of my happiness project 2011, i am incorporating exercise into each day. i know that it isn’t a very original goal, but as it is part of my ‘vitality’ month i appreciate it more in context of overall health and energy.

my goal is to exercise a little each day, and whether or not i give myself a check mark at the end of the day depends on simply whether it ‘feels as if i’ve done enough’ – and this actually works for me.

my other criteria is that i find enjoyable ways to exercise. when i was at home i did ddr on my wii. here i walk more, but walking isn’t enough. so at the moment i’m looking to start new fun ways to exercise and i have two in mind:

1. yoga. i love yoga, and i’ve done some with a dvd at home. there is a yoga class not too far away that meets pretty regularly. i tried to go this morning, but couldn’t bring myself to get up so early and walk in the cold to get there, let alone the vigor required from yoga itself. solution? it seems simple – the early bird classes are not for me. since i’m fortunate enough to have many options, i’ll try to attend an afternoon or evening session instead.

2. running. i actually enjoy running. there are two problems with it though – the lack of defined challenge, and bothering to get dressed to go. the second problem seems kind of silly, but that doesn’t make it any less legitimate. i haven’t quite worked out a solution to this one except to choose a specific time each week to go and not give myself the choice. the difficulty with this, though, is weather. it’s often too cold to run outdoors. i’d say 40 degrees fahrenheit is about my limit. the first problem is more easily addressable. i will set myself a goal now of being able to run for thirty straight minutes. i don’t know where i stand right now, but thirty minutes sounds reasonable enough.


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