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reflections on packing for england

my initial strategy for packing for england was to throw all of my essentials into this pile:

it made minimalist me hurt a little bit inside. even spread out, it’s a lot of stuff:

and indeed it is.

but this is significant improvement from my last two journeys here. for once i didn’t have to pay extra for overweight baggage – as it turns out i have more difficulty with weight than with space in my bag.

my strategy was to repack all the essentials from last term, but replace a few with some new items to see if i can work them in. what i forgot was how much – and what, specifically – i left behind at college.

my new goal as a minimalist student is to be as minimalist as possible here at university, but not restrict myself to the same standards at home. sometimes i get stressed wishing i could reduce my possessions until i have just enough to fit into my suitcases. instead i should take small steps. i’m not ready for that kind of minimalism. for now i will learn to survive with what i have here and live with everything i own in total.

my carry-on was much more refreshing:


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  1. Whenever I go ‘home’ (to my parents) I cringe with the amount I’ve left there (currently 4 large boxes..) then I remember that my brother left something like twenty boxes in the basement thirteen years ago and still hasn’t got ’em 🙂


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