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keeping lists of books, films, and plays

one of the benefits of minimalism that i enjoy is the free time i gain. with it i choose to read more books, watch more films, and see at least two plays a week. to keep my “culture consumption” organized, i write lists.

i track my reading progress on goodreads. i rate books out of five stars and sort into bookshelves by year.

i record the films i see on imdb. i rate films out of ten stars and sort them into categories by year.

i keep a private pages document of all the plays i see. i record the name of the week, the title of the play, the venue, the company, and rate each play out of five stars.

i keep each list as concise as possible to make updating quick and satisfying. at first i was unsure whether to rate each item, but i’ve found that doing so allows me to remember my opinion at the time.

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