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Monthly Archives: April 2011

tiny transformer apartment in hong kong

i can’t get enough of this video. i would choose to live in a space of this style in heartbeat.


digital minimalism: following blogs

i like to keep all sorts of to do lists as completed as possible.

without meaning it to be, my google reader feed had become a to do list.

the great thing about google reader is that it keeps all of my followed blogs in one place; i don’t have to go to each site to find new updates.

after a while though, i had subscribed to an overwhelming number of blogs. i sorted them into folders and set priorities. but even this did not work for me, because i was always bothered by the bold blog titles with the number of posts available in parentheses – i felt behind.

now i follow only six blogs on google reader. these six blogs are the only ones in which i am constantly interested, regardless of my mood.

the other blogs i follow are sorted into categories on my bookmarks toolbar. i check them occasionally when i’m in the mood to read articles on minimalism or fashion or food, to name a few.