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reflections on the nature of my happiness project

despite the fact that the last time i mentioned my happiness project was in february, i have been keeping up with it. january was about vitality, february about friendships, march about schoolwork, and april about creativity. i chose four specific goals per category per month, and it was highly effective.

however, it sort of clashed with minimalism. since the project is cumulative, by april i was guaranteed sixteen boxes to check on my to do list each day. and i became overwhelmed.

i have stopped drawing up charts and i have stopped forcing myself to go through my list of goals each night. i am, however, continuing the project. i find that the goals i set are on my mind regardless of whether i hold myself accountable to a check box system.

from here onwards i will have “monthly resolutions” instead of categories with specific goals. it will vary month to month. a lot of my goals fit better into the sections of my year (when i’m at uni and when i’m home) than into specific months anyway.

for may, my goal is to eat no meat. that’s right, i’m going veggie, a movement that i will explain in its own post soon.


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