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on keeping ticket stubs, posters, and flyers

this year i resolved to see two plays each week. a happy challenge, and some weeks i see up to four. i cherish my time spent at the theatre, and with each trip comes inevitable clutter that i can’t bring myself to abandon right away.

last term i started a tradition. blessed with an enormous notice board waiting to be filled, i tacked up all of my paper souvenirs i had acquired. at the end of term i had a complete collage, which i photographed. then i recycled the whole thing.

i parted with pieces of my collage with less difficulty than i had anticipated. each paper became a symbol of experience, and the finished product represented my journey over the nine weeks of term. i see each term at university as a clean slate, and the notice board serves as physical representation of the possibility to consume culture.

the board is emptier now, but yearns to be filled with tokens of my experiences. by the end of june i will have a new picture, a new complete collage, representing another chapter of my theatre-going story.


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