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the illogical voice of reason in my head

sometimes i find myself in a rut. i can’t stop checking my email. i can’t stop browsing my bookmarks. i can’t stop sampling chocolates on my grocery shelf.

and i’ve figured out why.

when i get antsy like this i get away with it by telling myself that i’ll stop when i’m satisfied – when i’ve received an interesting email, when i’ve found an inspiring blog post, when i’ve eaten the most delicious truffle imaginable. and in such a desperate and rushed search, that satisfaction is hardly achievable. so i keep trying and keep failing.

it’s like when i’ve just awoken in the morning and my mind comes up with the most persuasive reasons to go back to sleep. illogical, but effective.

my goal is this: commit to what’s in front of me.

just sit and eat chocolate if i’m going to eat chocolate. enjoy each bite, actually taste the flavor. instead of skimming a blog post, take the time to read every word. don’t check email in the middle of it.

it is hard. but just identifying the problem is half the battle.


About Miss Xandra Bee

I write about living a fabulously simple life with less stuff and more sparkle ★

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