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digital minimalism: facebook

i often want to delete my facebook. it would eliminate an egotistical distraction.

but ultimately facebook is too useful. it allows me to keep in touch with friends and keep up with stuff like the casting of the hunger games.

so i’ve minimized my facebook page. here are my rules:

1. no more wall. no more disappointment at lack of wall posts. keeps all the messages in one place.

2. send all notifications to email. messages, comments, everything. i have no excuse to “check facebook” when my email does it for me.

3. no uploading photo albums. instead i email friends pictures that might interest them.

4. no tagged photos of me. keeps my page even cleaner and more private.

5. delete past profile pictures. for the same reasons as 4.

6. avoid updating my status. or it becomes addictive. instead i try to message friends who would like the information; usually they appreciate the thought.

7. hide activities/interests. i still fan them to get updates in my mini feed, but this removes pressure to be thorough in my listings.


digital minimalism: following blogs

i like to keep all sorts of to do lists as completed as possible.

without meaning it to be, my google reader feed had become a to do list.

the great thing about google reader is that it keeps all of my followed blogs in one place; i don’t have to go to each site to find new updates.

after a while though, i had subscribed to an overwhelming number of blogs. i sorted them into folders and set priorities. but even this did not work for me, because i was always bothered by the bold blog titles with the number of posts available in parentheses – i felt behind.

now i follow only six blogs on google reader. these six blogs are the only ones in which i am constantly interested, regardless of my mood.

the other blogs i follow are sorted into categories on my bookmarks toolbar. i check them occasionally when i’m in the mood to read articles on minimalism or fashion or food, to name a few.